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Special Share to Earn Program For Linkin Park Fansites and I am Rooting For…

...Linkin Park Association! Yes, I know there are other great sites, and I love them all, but I’ve decided to support the LPA for the following reasons:

- their forum is great! I don’t think that there’s a forum on any other LP site that has so many members, so no matter what Linkin Park news surface, you always have someone to talk about it there. Also, they’ve been very helpful in solving those funny little puzzles LP threw our way.

- through the years, they’ve managed to obtain some great exclusives for us!

- they always manage to engage the fans with some funny stuff e.g. the monthly remix contest

- fast news & tour updates. I especially love the live setlist tweeting during LP shows

- Try the Ketchup, Motherfucker!

So after all the schmoozing, here’s what you have to do! Preorder Linkin Park’s upcoming album “LIVING THINGS” via this link:



Keep in mind that I am also competing in the “normal fan edition” of the share to earn program, so you can also purchase the album under the following link and support me! Thanks in advance!


If the LPA wins, they’ll get some really great prizes and we, the fans, will profit big time from those!

Here’s LPA’s post about the program with all the details: Continue reading

Rock Sound Issue 159: Exclusive Interview With Mike Shinoda

A little heads up for all Linkin Park fans who are waiting for some album news: The newest issue of Rock Sound has an exclusive interview with Mike Shinoda about “the studio vibe and sound of LP’s new record”!
The best thing, though, is that LPAssociation already have the scans! Great work, guys! Check them out here!

Here are some quotes about the sound of the new album:

The album is not completely focused yet. There is a lot of experimentation still going on as we hone in on the personality of the record, but what we’ve got so far is really exciting for us. It simultaneously moves forward while also embracing the past.

Continue reading

Linkin Park News Roundup: BITS Not US Single, VH-1 Interview, Club Tattoo Signing, LP on Fuse, LPLive downtime & Live Pictures


There have been lots of Linkin Park news in the last days, and as usual I post a little news roundup to keep you all updated.

1. Yesterday, Mike made lots of fans happy by visiting the LPU Chat. The MSC posted a good summary about what was said: Continue reading