The Shinoda Veggie Garden

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Fresh from the garden

The Shinoda Vegetable and Herb Garden

I love trees.  I love flowers.  I love succulents.  I love almost all plants.  I also love rocks and soil and rivers and lakes and oceans.  I love nature in general.  I could do without mosquitoes.  But I guess that I have to put up with them because we’d probably be screwed somewhere along the food chain without them.  As nature lovers, my family tries to do what we can around our house to limit the ways we are screwing over the planet.  I don’t consider myself a true environmentalist: I still eat meat, I fly great distances in airplanes often, I own leather shoes and leather purses and leather chairs and I have a multitude of other very non-environmental sins against me.  But we do a lot of little things – and some big things – that are green and…

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